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This page is meant to be a musical resume of sorts: some links to things I’ve done and some thoughts about where I want to go next.   I’m mostly a singer/songwriter, though I do play keyboards/synths, guitar, and a little bit of trumpet.  I’m currently jamming/collaborating with various folks in the process of searching for a new band, so if you’re interested in collaborating drop me a line at sumit at thatsgreat dot org.

YouTube Shenanigans:

1.  Stay with Me – an original love song and animated video. [download mp3] (12/08)
2.  Nothing Like the Sun – a jazzy remake of the Sting song with some variations and my first trumpet solo. (11/08)
3.  Nothing Gold Can Stay – this was a tiny little song I wrote around the words of the Robert Frost poem. (11/07)
4.  Que Sera Sera – a remake of the old song and a fun video to go along with it. [download mp3] (8/07)
5.  Why Are You Low – a vocal loop-based song with some claymation video action. (6/07)
6.  First BeatBox of My Life – a beatbox/vocal layer remake of “First Day of My Life” (3/09)
Recent Audio-Only Recordings:
1.  Supergirl – (original song).  This was for someone who was very special to me; I wrote and performed all the parts in 2/04.  Nate from the band Creatures United made a remake of this (11/06) for the Creatures United EP.
1.  Chasing Cars – a mediocre cover of the Snow Patrol song.  My voice was still recovering from the flu (2/07).
2.  L-O-V-E - a cover of an old jazz classic; I removed Nat King Cole’s vocals and added my own (2/05).
Recent Band Work (Summer 2004, with Ashish Kapoor and Patrick Baudisch – Supatash):
I’m doing the singing and lyrics writing; we put the songs together as a group. Note these are from jam sessions so the quality is pretty variable.
Older Band Work (2001/2, with Stepha Krynytzky, Anindita Basu, Tracie Lee, and Aditi Rao – Payne’s Grey)
I wrote most of the lyrics, but again, we put the songs together as a group.   These are also from jam sessions and the quality is pretty bad.  Sorry!
1.  Waiting for Tracie (I’m doing vocals)
2.  The Second Time (lyrics by Anindita; vocals by Tracie; I’m just playing guitar but I really like this song)
Older Solo Work (2000 – deepoceanblue)
This is an album I made in 2000.  I wrote and performed all parts.
1.  Jackie – alternapop tune, probably the best of the bunch
2.  Pretty Pretty – formulaic pop song
3.  Margaret – an old favorite I wrote on a trip to Puerto Rico in 1997
4.  Promise Me – tearjerker
Even Older Work (1992-2000)
1.  This page contains a bunch of older songs, from 1992’s “Winter’s Cold” to some experimental electronic music that was part of the Sonovar project.
If you’re interested in getting together and jamming, drop me a line!  You can reach me at sumit at thatsgreat dot org.  I’m still working with Ashish (above), but there’s always room for more people and new projects.

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